Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Limbo Lady


I wasn't sure about letting the cat out of the bag so soon, but it looks like another military move will happen this year!

Mike has been given PCS orders to attend a course at a base in Lawton, OK beginning in the middle of September.  The course should last about four months.  Yeee- haw!!!

Now, before you either 1) get excited because we are going to be closer to our family and friends or 2) pity us because (let's face it) its Oklahoma, there is a chance this could all change again by then.  Mike will be applying for flight school by May and we will know by early July if he gets it or not. If he gets flight school, we'll be headed to Florida I believe and then possibly hopping around the US for the next two years.

Either way, change is coming!

Once his course is over, it could be highly likely that we are given orders to stay in the same location for the following three years or be moving to a different location soon after.

Lawton is just over three hours away from the DFW metroplex and still within a day's drive to Colorado Springs.

We'll keep you posted!

Until next time,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things : Beauty Products

I wanted to do a favor for all my lady friends and share my favorite beauty products in which I will never stray from.  Application after application, bottle after bottle, these products have never failed me.  Here they are!


Fekkai Prx Preservatives Shampoo/Conditioner & Mask- $20/each, $25 mask

I received sample sizes of these products with an order I placed at Ulta.com.  Within one application, the texture of my hair changed for the better.  My hair was silky and smooth.  The smell is light and refreshing throughout the day.  The products are a little higher end, so I would suggest making the investment and using every other shampoo so it lasts a long time.  The directions for the mask differ and is only to be used 1-2 times a week.  Well worth the investment!

Skincare- (Moisturizer)

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Oil Free- $40

I worked for this brand for over a year and they really opened my eyes about proper skincare.  Again, sometimes the investment is worth the better benefit.  Unlike a lot of drugstore brands, you are getting more working ingredients than water and fillers.  A little bit will go a long way!

Skincare- (Body Wash)

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash- $5

Now before you begin to think that I'm contradicting myself, I realize this product is sold in drugstores.  However, I believe that unless you have severe body acne or other skin conditions, you can use a less concentrated cleanser when cleaning a larger area than your face.  This product has been able to dry out and clear up any problems I have whether it come from sweaty, rubbing sports bra, sticky hot summers or just poor genetics. 


Clinique CC Cream- $30

I don't like to wear a lot of makeup and feel like I have "caked on" face.  I do keep a bottle of foundation on hand for special occasions, but I only wear a BB or CC cream daily.  This CC cream has great coverage and does not feel oily at the end of the day.  I apply each morning over my primer and set with powder.  It really is a great product.
Garnier BB Cream- $13
This brand is another fav and is a cheaper version from above.  It can be found in any drugstore.  I really can't tell the difference between the products, so I'll leave it up to your preference to wear at BB or a CC cream. 
CND Stickey and Super Shinny- $10/each
I interviewed and was awaiting a call back interview with this company when I was offered my current position. Before going on the interview, I bought this product at Ulta to learn more about it.  During my interview process, I learned that CND is a the pioneer of gel manicures and good nail health.  It is mostly that your nail salon buys and uses CND's products.  The products above that I've tried delivered exactly what it claimed to do and I don't do my own manicures without it. 
Lip Care-
EOS Lip Balm- $3
First, I have to give a shout out to my friend, Britni, who told me about these little guys.  I had seen them in store, but didn't think much about "chap stick."  To be honest, I usually buy the black tube of Chap stick because its plain, its cheap and I love the texture and amount of moisture it provides.  I bought my EOS in the strawberry sorbet flavor and it feels just like my chap stick, but with a cool girly flavor.   My only complaint is the "egg" shaped package doesn't fit well in my clutch or wristlet purse.  (I'm one of those girls that never leaves home without my chap stick.) I do know now they make the tube version, however, I've never actually seen them in store.
Happy Shopping!
Until next time,