Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lets Try This Again...

Good Morning!

I think this is the second or third attempt at maintaining a blog since moving away from Texas.  I moved here last March, found a place to rent with Mike, got a job and live it up mostly on the weekends.  Its sometimes hard finding other stuff to talk about when all you do is work and take care of "adult" things like the rest of your network connections.  But here's something that might be different about us...
My husband is currently deployed overseas.  This is our second deployment together;  coming only eleven months after the conclusion of the first deployment.  That's a hard working man right there.  The first deployment had its ups and downs.  Mike and I had just married, but I was still in Dallas.  I had all my friends and family around me, but I think I was just ready for something new and exciting.  There were a lot of tough days simply because I didn't understand the lifestyle.  Heck, some days I still feel like don't really "get it."  

But now, I am planted in the middle of a military town with the beach not far from the house.  I've made a handful of military friends who all know and understand what it is like when the military has to take your significant other away for awhile.  Although I know this deployment will have its moments, I think I have a better insight knowing what to expect. 

Like I've told Mike, I'm turning every little task, chore or thing I want to do into an "event."  Just the other night I went over our finances after hearing some good advice, so it was "Thursday Financial Review and Wine Night."  Call it crazy, but it gives you something to look forward too.  That and I think it helps me to try not to rush through everything that needs to get done, but to work at a steady pace.  I have plenty more events to come...

Until next time,

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