Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dance Class Decision

After many months of putting it off, I tried the new dance studio down the street. 
I called last fall to register only to find out their studio was preparing for a large holiday show.  I found it odd that even the adult class would be involved, but I guess they wanted everyone to get the chance to participate.  The owner told me I was more than welcome to join, but I would need to catch up with the rest of the class.  I said that I would wait so not to be in the way and would call back after the new year. 

This studio seems to be the only one in town that offers adult classes, namely hip-hop.  They do offer an adult ballet class, but it does not fit into my work schedule.  And I've come to learn that I am not a graceful ballerina.  Now if they would only offer jazz...
So I  registered online and showed up for my first class (which just happened to be free!) I walk into the studio room at the start of class; our instructor a younger guy in his mid to late twenties and I read online that he was a former Marine.  I asked him if I was in the right place, he confirms and asks me if I've ever dance before.  Nodding my head "yes", he commented that I looked like I've dance before and that I would do just fine. 
After warming up, we begin learning our routine.  And when I say we, I mean "I".  I am not sure how many weeks the class has already met, but I was the new girl being assigned a part.  I was put in the front and center and I get to do my own trick during the routine.  All in all, I held my own when it came to keeping up with the rest of the class.  Then I was told, that just like last semester, there would be a performance in the Spring. 
Hold the phone.  I haven't performed dance in front of an audience in almost 8 years. 

My mind began racing that I had to physically push all the different thoughts running through my mind out until I could finish the class.
After class the instructor gave me a thumbs up and asked if I would be coming back.  I explained to him I was looking for a regular class, but didn't imagine ever performing again.  It is not a huge commitment, but I have to be sure that I want to do it.  I am not one to be unreliable, I just don't do it.

I called Mom right after class because the Spring Showcase falls on the Saturday afternoon when she will come to visit.  I don't want her to feel her vacation will be wasted watching a bunch of other dances at a Spring Showcase.  However, she seem delighted by the thought.  And I guess being right in the middle of a deployment, I don't really have a lot of plans keeping me unavailable other than work.  It might even pass the time, help me make friends or give me something to do with my time.

Luckily, I've learned not to make a decision too quickly.  If I've truly on the fence about something, I need to give it a few days.  Naturally, I will begin to have feelings on which decision I should make.

So I guess I'll keep you posted on what I decide.  I feel a little old for this, but maybe I should just be glad that I still can although I am older. 

Until next time,

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